My Experience at TechPlus 2017

         As they say “Every Summer has a story”, mine happens to involved going for a convention for the first time and this was kind of like ComicCon but for Technology and It was wonderful.
When I first heard of it, it was through my older sister who wanted me to gain the experience of going these events and she was right, I did have good experience during that time.
“What is TechPlus?” you may ask, TechPlus Conference & Expo is Africa’s largest Tech gathering where new technology comes to life, new products are launched and innovation converges. 2017 will bring companies from around the world to showcase and learn how technology is evolving to meet the needs of a digital generation and modern business. It is a platform for knowledge sharing, networking and a market place for the African target market.

At TechPlus manufacturers, concept generators, software and hardware companies, content developers have a platform to bring their products and services to the African market. Last year we hosted over 7,000 delegates. This year more products, conversations and experiences will be shared with thousands of consumers and key industry stakeholders. (Source,ng)

Day 1

Before the start of the convention, we were asked to wait at the conventional hall in order to kickstart the event. While waiting, we were greeted by few important persons such as The Minister of Communication, The CEO of TechPlus and so on, each talked about how Technology has helped developed the country in various ways imaginable that suits to each individuals’ daily needs and also more ways that Technology is important to us in creating more revenue into the country.
At most people will have to register online on TechPlus’s official website, in which I registered for both General (i.e. I would have access to other areas at the convention) and also for Gaming for which I was mostly excited for. There were various companies that came for the convention in order to exhibit their products and also to trade ideas.
Such as ALAT, Redwood Consult, Terragon group, Business Day, Stanbic IBTC Bank, The Guardian, IMADINE, LASAA, Spectranet,, Motorola, Kugali, ComicRepublic,, Hans and Rene, Bounce News, 96.9 Beats FM, 105.1 City FM etc.
There was a Gaming Tournament involving some set of games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Street Fighter V, FIFA 17, Mortal Kombat XL etc, others were just for fun/show such as Injustice 2, Tekken 7 (new games that came out this year), I was so excited when I saw the gameplay on console. Of course there was a delay in starting the tournament that they had to postponed it till the next day.
I registered for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 tournament which among the games being postponed till the next day.


Day 2

This was my first gaming tournament and I lost during the first round with 19 Kills while the 1st positon taker had 66 Kills but it didn’t stop me from having fun with myself while playing on a Home console (it’s been a while since I last owned one).
During the TechPlus Gaming tournament, I met some interesting individuals which were both Gamers and Coders respectivelys. As a friend once told me “Surround yourself with people who will inspire you”. For which nowadays I surround myself with Gamers, Bloggers, Cosplayers and Coders that I’ve met through social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc.
While going through the convention, the exhibits were quite interesting, saw different products being displayed and what was worth buying amongst the product. Such exhibit as Kugali & ComicRepublic gave a great exhibition of their products such as comics, magazines and so on about the African Culture and also to show that We Africans can make our own comics, magazines, games, Animations and so on.
In conclusion to this experience, It has taught me that we can do things that other people won’t expect us to do and also to be around things/people that inspires you in ways that gives you an edge in a particular area of interest/specialization.

Also check out this tool that makes having events and conventions like TechPlus easy.

Below are photos from the TechPlus event


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